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Witch Woman and Her Forgetful Lover

Read “Witch Woman and Her Forgetful Lover” in NILVX: Sphere of Luna

“A.K. Kelly’s exquisite ‘Witch Woman and Her Forgetful Lover’ weaves a new myth of love, loss, and healing.”

Excerpt: Everyone knows the witch woman in some form. She is the wrinkled crone who digs through your garbage bins looking for recyclables the day the city comes to collect them. She is your grandmother after a long day of watching you–her terribly behaved, spoiled grandchildren, who at times find her slow and old and consequently, uninteresting. She is the quiet, lonely woman in the corner of a bookstore who dreams of a different world. The witch woman is all of this and more. Fortunately for her, what you do not know is why it is so easy for her to fool you. It is how she is collects from your mind and soul the things you wished the universe would forget–she knows how you’ve lied and every time you’ve cried, she knows how you cheated and stole and how you take when you should give.


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