Living The Thrivent Way | Legacy Arts Magazine
Thrivent Financial CEO, Bradford Hewitt, argues that the healthiest relationships with money are founded foremost on generosity.

Transforming Food Waste into Edible Food | Edible San Diego 
Americans generate roughly 60 million tons of produce waste per year while at the same time roughly 48 million people go hungry each day. Gleaning edible food is a way to simultaneously reduce the environmental impacts of food waste and alleviate hunger.

The Meaning of Life is What You Make of It | Legacy Arts Magazine
After earning her degree in fine arts and working successfully as a graphic designer in New York City, Joan Lonergan returned to Woodstock and acquired her real estate license to start her own business.

The Good Earth: Eli’s Farms | Edible San Diego
Are hydroponics the future of farming and sustainable food in Southern California? Is my imagined vision of hands dirtied with soil, a slowly decaying reality?

From Army Nurse to Public Health Advocate | SD JEWISH JOURNAL
“The humility with which she looks back on her life is profound. Then again, boasting wouldn’t be the sort of quality you’d find in a woman who has dedicated her life to helping people.”

Intimate Interactions: Using the CSA Model to Know Your Farmer | Edible San Diego
Examining the relationship between consumers and small farmers and how intimate interactions at your local farmer’s market can benefit both sides of this food equation.

Art and Nature: “En Plein Air” | SD JEWISH JOURNAL
California impressionists and conservationists collaborate to preserve natural habitats. 

The Ritual of Real Food| Edible San Diego
“I was raised with apples and apricots growing just outside my window in lieu of fences and telephone wires. But where is this line drawn between foods that are real and foods that are somehow less than real? How are we to know precisely amongst all the choices available?”

Spotlight: Persian Classical Musician, Kourosh Taghavi | SD Parobs
Kourosh Taghavi, instrumentalist, vocalist and Persian classical musician boasts a passionate approach to music that has impacted audiences around the world.

In the Business of Bees | Seasons Magazine
Bees and beekeepers play a critical role in our ecology, our economy and our lifestyle.

People Profile | Gulf Breeze Magazine
The life of Adolf Wenning from war-torn Germany to his quiet retirement in a small Gulf Coast community.